Couture Content Creators – Pencil helps brands tell their stories in creative, meaningful and compelling ways.


We believe great content should be reflective of your customers’ lifestyles and interests. Executed well, the narratives created through content provide an inspirational platform to demonstrate what your product/service can help your customers to achieve. Everything we create, therefore, places the customer at its heart, ensuring that your desired audiences choose to spend time, and money, with your brand.

With fashion, luxury and lifestyle backgrounds we like to bring a lot of beauty – and a little bit of fun – to your world and to your communications.


We look at how our clients’ customers engage with different channels and aim to deliver the right stories on the right platform for them. These include:


Print - We LOVE print. In today’s increasingly digital world, we firmly believe a beautiful printed piece can deliver engagement like no other, bringing depth and a tangible treat to your customer experience.

Digital - Our website and social media campaigns are strategically led. Copy and design is created to start, and continue, conversations.

Thinking (The Ideas Factory) - Creative, editorial and strategic consultancy for when a fresh point of view is needed.

Film - Pencil works with some of the best directors and filmmakers in the business to deliver captivating brand films and advertising. Now and again we have appeared in them too. 

Events & Experiences -  Highly theatrical occasions to get people and the press talking about your brand.

Casting We find you the very best talent to fit the brief in hand. Our speciality: Exceptional Youth with genuine talent.

The Team


The ruler of Pencil is our founder and creative director. Queen of the fashion press (ex-Vogue, ELLE, Teen Vogue and creator of The London Fashion Week Daily and cult mag Rubbish) Jenny and her team combine over 20 years of editorial experience with strategic thinking and award-winning creative to deliver truly beautiful work that delivers great results.



Etta has been working alongside Jenny for five years. She runs the studio – and makes things happen – and is apprenticing the senior art directors providing graphic design support. She is also a big part of plotting what happens in the Pencil Atelier at Port Eliot every summer.



Biscuit barged in on the Pencils in 2014 and has been a firm fixture in the office ever since, specialising in entertainment and aromas.



Veteran Pencil Beano has been running our HR department for many years. When the office was based in Golden Square, Beano took himself off on a mini adventure through Soho and ended up being found after a radio station took him in and broadcast all about it.